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#1: No icon PLEASE EXPLAIN SO WE ALL KNOW WHAT NOT TO DO Author: DEXIE PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:28 pm
Since the communication on the post got shut down ... I will write again since I was away and missed this. (BTW.. shutting someone off is a bad communication tactic, problems can only be resolved when both sides can communicate effectively.)  I am not sure why the post was locked it is one of several I have seen lately, isn't this an open forum for communication?
OK .. to the topic at hand ...
I am utterly confused about seabass being banned. When Village came to me about it and asked I did not even remember the incident ..WHY? im not senile was NOTHING, it was a random shot and If anyone read the chat you will see that I joked with Seabass about it being a robin hood arrow. (which i had to explain haha)  The teamkill was  my fault as I probably was too low on health to be in heavy battle with many other players close by.  Seabass apologized incessantly for something that was accidental. The map was STEELHELL and as anyone that has played this map knows .. it is fast and furious shooting in several areas. There was no admin called, no one reported the incident. MISTAKES AND ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN.
Now .. lets back track to TWO weeks ago .. when it was reported MULTIPLE times offensive behavior by a player that was logging in under many names. team killing, kick voting player out of games and general abusive language and behavior.  (!admin) Admin were searched for and called many times. This guy is still playing.  The player IDs were found in a matter of moments, so my question is ... WHY IS THIS GUY STILL ROAMING THE SERVER??  Seabass cannot get in and is banned and the troublemakers are free to come and go.
I am sorry to ask SUZ, but this is being put at my feet since you are using a teamkill that happened with me and there was no admin called. Is this a personal vendetta??  I enjoy playing with seabass and I have never seen him be rude or disrespectful to anyone in a game. We all use taunts in the game and I had no idea that this was discouraged. What is the specific rule for taunts?  What constitutes excessive?  It was my understanding that if no one complained most actions were acceptable if they were accepted by the players in the game.

Just wondering why things have turned crazy here lately. Even when things are going well they are crazy.  Seabass let me know what new server you find .. I will join you.


#2: No icon Re: PLEASE EXPLAIN SO WE ALL KNOW WHAT NOT TO DO Author: Suz PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:32 pm
I don't see the necessity to make thread after thread about something that has been resolved already.
Everything has been sorted out and that's all there is to know.

destination Unreal -> UT99 MonsterHunt Main Server

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