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To root admins

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annabella bulgaria.png

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:13 pm
PostPost subject:No icon To root admins
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Usually i don't pay attention to attacks or insults!This time i will write my critics,because im bored to be object to this or futur? dramas here!
I follow server rules,but Today i was forced as spec,i was idle for my reasons(smoke,kid,cat no matter),warnned that im blocking mapvote!In the server was only 1 player.For exapmle:48076

karkass: ah just spec the idlers
karkass: i wonder why some ppl are allowed to idle permanently
dU.Data_Destroyer:thats why i forced the change ^^
karkass: apart from admins
dU.Data_Destroyer:they always do it
Hand_Banana:It don´t hurt you none, why you worry about it?
karkass: cos u´re here otherwise it would be annoying
dU.Data_Destroyer:make some players to wait 1 minute in vain
dU.Data_Destroyer:so i forced Razz
dU.Data_Destroyer:3 players
dU.Data_Destroyer:1 voted
dU.Data_Destroyer:2 left
karkass: that doesn´t answer the question: why
dU.Data_Destroyer:= locked

My answer with taunt when i back and i saw that im not idle kicked from server and im forced like spectator:Sucker

dU.Data_Destroyer:Sucker not
dU.Data_Destroyer:you were idling and blocking map vote
dU.Data_Destroyer:do it again and a kick you will win
dU.Data_Destroyer:and jetlagg too
dU.Data_Destroyer:no more warnings
{CoF}annabella: is my choice to stay idle or to be spec
dU.Data_Destroyer:its your choice yes, but blocking map vote nope
{CoF}annabella: i havent block
{CoF}annabella: btw i will open a tpic for this
{CoF}annabella: brb
dU.Data_Destroyer:yep do it
dU.Data_Destroyer:if need to cry do it on forums
dU.Data_Destroyer:not on live chat

Well,i want to ask,why when in the server have only one player,just staff who spec ,didn't start the map who player vote,to dont wait 1 min?
Because is possible next map again to "block" mapvote for 1 min?If this is a problem,change the rulez to server or change nexgen idle time!

dU.Data_Destroyer:if need to cry do it on forums
dU.Data_Destroyer:not on live chat

Because of this words i open this topic,otherwise i would forget this after 2 min:

Data,you search drama,you want  drama to everyone who tell you NO!Was me,was Demona,i even know who is your next  drama victim i know who will tell u NO(you are so transparent)..You wait now admins and staffs to come to protect you like they always do,cause live chat isnt so certain,u want public u want to be protected and to say:Ah  bad Anna stop or you will be banned!But u forgot that ur power is also to change the map and dont make 1 player wait, Data!In ur effort to show me ur power u forget this little detail!Is that u want?And finally Anna to be formally  in full server banned for ur plessure?I can only imagine what u talk about me to others and even force some them to ask me for my private life.R u crazy?Is so interesting for u my private life?Please take a border what  is real and what unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Repeat STOP follow me and search reasons for theater!You even follow me on IRC topic to show how much you know about IRC,but i doubt Data you know what is symbian and that on symbian browser doesn't work web irc and many web pages!Do you think you are competent for any question lol?If this is ur fun,find another for it!Im not noob here and u can't play with me like u want and like u do with anothers,playing with nexgen on them,remove them weapons,force as spec and ect!To this me and many we witness.Respect me even of my age!
Now check forum  every 5 min to read answers and to get ur so needed 1 hour glory!

When i start play on this server,everyone was so friendly and so nice!Now is full with profanity teenagers tolerant of stuffs who think that words like:pus*y,a$$  and dick is very cool and sexy!Staffs dont help to noobs show maps or which way to get when they are lost(only Suz do it,honor to her for this even to dont like her a lot),dont wait noobs at lifts,change map what staffs want play without ask another players and ect .ect.!Even u Wolf respect players wrning them that you will restart server or will change map for some reason!Totally unrespected,totally uncare about noobs if they aren't staffs friends!I have many what to say....but this is another story.I don't wanna mess in ur community!But remember me if someday you restart forum again!Im not blind and stupid,i think guess what happened!

Now summer end,and i notice that server  again left with usual players like before,and they r not so much as u think!I even can count it on my 20 fingers.Please take attention on this,excluding my nick.People who play here most are worked and play for fun before or after work:these are and the potential donators who donate not because want to be so "gently" with u.Its because they like server and relaxing while they play!So they want to keep server alive.I know you don't like to be critic,but this i see like by a side observer!May to wrong for some things,but not at all!

Be most friendly,with  players to keep it on server!Because youngers soon will start work or get some girlfirend or boyfriend and will forgot that ut exist ,if you are didn't notice this already!

Best regards

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:13 pm
PostPost subject:No icon Re: To root admins
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Post removed by moderator, see message below.

Data Destroyer
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UT Name: Rork UT Since: 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:24 pm
PostPost subject:No icon Re: To root admins
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Removed above reaction, this discussion has been dealt with
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, the message is clear and any further discussion of what happened will be regarded as an intention to start another flamewar which is forbidden according to the board rules.

The best way to kill skaarj is to flak it while it leaps towards you.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:29 am
PostPost subject:No icon Re: To root admins
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Whatever I think about this situation, Anna, Data did well. I used to do the same, if server was full = put the idlers to spec. Or if someone was blocking the map vote, even without intention, just I just reconnect them to spectators. I really write this as an absolute impartial staff currently - because I'm not on the servers. It's the method, and if it wasn1t you, he would also put you in spec, and I would have done too, or anyone else. On the other hand there is nothing wrong being a spectator, when you are back, you can join the game or start idle again and no one will ever "hurt" you (at least shouldn't) because of this without any of the reasons i menationd above- vote blocking even if it wasn't your intention, or the server is full.
Staff can change a map or put you in spec mode, it's up to us how to solve the current "problem" but in this case none of the solutions are any bad if you take a look at it with clear mind.

There is nothing wrong being a spectator , while you are away - if it's needed.  I know you understand this :)

((I only want to see when will one of you (Data and Anna) be the "more mature" and don't take everything as attack  - just don't react to provocation, that's the good advice for both of you Smile   - and this is not like i think i'm so smart, just trying to help, don't want to hurt any of you or to start any kind of war ))

angel  ~Angels are not only above us, they are also within us.~ angel

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