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ID: 942 Votes: 38125 | Unique maps: 907 | Modified maps: 1397 | Downloads: 18161 (209780.1 MB)
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Rating: 3.2/10 (17 votes cast)

Added:2012-07-25 15:17:59
File Size:34.87 MB
Map Title:
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Mapsize (Medium) :
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  Ambushpoints Defensepoints
Zones used: Lavazone
Packages: System: 14- Engine.u
- UnrealShare.u
- UnrealI.u
- KingCobra.u
- RocketX3F.u
- Botpack.u
- AAADeemeR2_LS.u
- THUNDERBOLTdecoEgypt.u
- UKBadBoy.u
- AAARed_BombV2.u
- MJD.u
- MonsterHunt.u
Textures: 4- Egypt.utx
- Liquids.utx
- Fluid.utx
- !!Studentpad.utx
Mappers correctness:
No Music No Recomment Players
No Author No Inside Screenshot
No Gametype incorrect gametype (empty)

1 Others Maps which based of the same Map layout of mh-killallmonsterssss:

Name  Musics  Textures  Sounds  Systems  Width  Lenght  Height  Monsters  
· MH-(MHA)Killallmonsterssss     0   4   0   14   11875   18627   3863   224

No other Map used the same Map layout

- Map is avaible at one of the destinationUnreal servers.
- unmodified original map.
KingCobraPackage: kingcobra41
SlithPackage: unrealshare34
DevilfishPackage: unrealshare33
SkaarjassassinPackage: unreali24
PupaePackage: unreali20
BrutePackage: unrealshare16
SquidPackage: unreali15
GiantmantaPackage: unreali12
TentaclePackage: unrealshare12
GiantgasbagPackage: unreali9
FlyPackage: unrealshare5
WarlordPackage: unreali2
QueenPackage: unreali1
AAADeemeR2Package: aaadeemer2_ls10
AAARed BombPackage: aaared_bombv23
MJD MissilegunPackage: mjd2

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