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Hello Guest

Welcome to the website of destination Unreal. We are not a clan, simply a community where everyone can participate.
destination Unreal now exists since December 2007. For that time we play games that have anything to do with Unreal Tournament.
Our main focus is on fighting monsters.
We offer the community a number of UT99 (MonsterHunt, MonsterAttack, Coop) and UT3 (GaltanorsInvasion) game servers.

Some reasons to register here:
  • access to 2304 map downloads.
  • unrestricted access to the Monster Hunt Statistics.
  • live chat on the home page.
  • forum write access.
  • access to private dU servers.
  • a special server to get maps in development tested.
  • or just to participate in the community ..

Registration is free. We look forward to each new player.

Curious about it? Click here to register

destination Unreal Server overview

Today played destination Unreal Server maps
Game in progress...MH-RockTunnel-No_ESR download: 19:43:283-2,147,483,648174------00:00:00
Game in progress...

Crazy NW III

MH-SkyWarsV2 download: 19:24:331131,52443------00:18:55
280727MH-AfterDark[final]download: MH-AfterDark[final]19:28:446 311,37380 00:20:42

Crazy NW III

MH-BeastWarsdownload: MH-BeastWars19:22:282 294,33920 00:10:22

Crazy NW III

MH-FreeCapitalCity2o0download: MH-FreeCapitalCity2o019:10:482 177,182200 00:18:21

Crazy NW III

MH-ImpossibleV2download: MH-ImpossibleV218:26:143 145,88290 01:13:20
280723MH-Ruins-Stairs-V107download: MH-Ruins-Stairs-V10716:25:313 155,4112910 00:54:14

Crazy NW III

MH-Dawn_of_the_Dead+Fix2download: MH-Dawn_of_the_Dead+Fix216:15:261 162,5521700 00:21:24
280721MH-(dU)NYC-UNATCO-Islanddownload: MH-(dU)NYC-UNATCO-Island15:11:292 137,39900 00:32:27

Crazy NW III

MH-TGES06Classicdownload: MH-TGES06Classic14:45:581 269,5311210 00:20:50

Crazy NW III

MH-(SF)Cryptrunners-v1download: MH-(SF)Cryptrunners-v114:24:514 482,98200 00:29:34

Crazy NW III

MH-AfterDark2download: MH-AfterDark213:55:305 804,96220 00:22:04

Crazy NW III

MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious)+fix2download: MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious)+fix213:33:195 1,530,10000 00:25:16

Crazy NW III

MH-(dU)GiranTown(2021)V16download: MH-(dU)GiranTown(2021)V1613:01:443 412,69210 00:59:14

Crazy NW III

MH-Sunken_Ship+download: MH-Sunken_Ship+11:55:341 134,229100 00:54:01
280714MH-LiandriCorp-PT2-Beta9-HTD+download: MH-LiandriCorp-PT2-Beta9-HTD+11:38:082 35,8541110 01:01:56
280713MH-Brutedownload: MH-Brute10:39:242 29,890150 00:11:06
280712MH-TempleXLdownload: MH-TempleXL10:26:492 128,64280 00:14:51
280711MH-Revenge][download: MH-Revenge][10:11:412 54,69810 00:11:52

Crazy NW III

MH-Canyondownload: MH-Canyon07:23:501 47,07500 00:10:56

Crazy NW III

MH-Victory-ComplexF2-HTD+download: MH-Victory-ComplexF2-HTD+07:11:493 37,35650 01:03:13

Crazy NW III

MH-SkyCorebeta5+fix3download: MH-SkyCorebeta5+fix306:12:561 39,845100 01:34:26

Crazy NW III

MH-Super_TomokoV3download: MH-Super_TomokoV304:45:502 164,412120 00:14:53

Crazy NW III

MH-TheGateKeeperdownload: MH-TheGateKeeper04:31:192 290,310100 00:16:15

Crazy NW III

MH-Aquaducts-V1download: MH-Aquaducts-V104:14:355 38,855130 00:45:41

Crazy NW III

MH-HiSpeed-Train-HTDdownload: MH-HiSpeed-Train-HTD03:30:483 131,072420 00:21:15

Crazy NW III

MH-NightMare_Canyon-HTD+download: MH-NightMare_Canyon-HTD+03:09:222 104,917820 00:36:22

Crazy NW III

MH-DarkWhitedownload: MH-DarkWhite02:33:454 100,17530 00:48:07
280701MH-TGES03+download: MH-TGES03+02:15:091 73,282100 00:18:17
280700MH-SpaceExterminator-HTD+download: MH-SpaceExterminator-HTD+01:02:333 152,79810 00:19:06

Crazy NW III

MH-Arden+EBdownload: MH-Arden+EB00:39:421 88,177100 00:56:53
280698MH-USSR_Volkov-SectorAlphadownload: MH-USSR_Volkov-SectorAlpha00:18:483 71,68300 00:11:29
280697MH-Tarmation2+Fix5download: MH-Tarmation2+Fix500:05:586 29,31716310 01:27:35
Got Teamscore       0 Monster Left
New Players
New Maps
Latest Challenges

 dU Server Hardware Crash [Update2]

The dU server has a hardware fault which cant be repaired because of to old hardware.
The server hoster gives us a better server for the same money but he told me its a fresh installed one.
I asked him if it is possible to clone the old Harddrive to the new  one. I still wait for answer.

[Update 1] 8.9.21 - 11:38
The Hoster told me the hardware change was necessary  bceause of the Harddrive was crashed.
I have a backup of the server data, but it has to be all installed again. (Webinterface, Mail,  servers and and and) Sad

Btw, this is the new ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf September 08, 2021  Comments [6]

destination Unreal Telegram-Group

destinationUnreal has now a Telegram Group. Feel free to join ! Cool
beer ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf March 02, 2020  Comments [7]

New maps on Main(and other) dU.servers

And again we got 3 new maps from THUNDERBOLT at the Main Server (and other server, too).  cooler

- MH-(dU)RememberingToRagnar2D
- MH-(dU)NYC-UNATCO-Island
- MH-(dU)CoruscantCityFinal

Big thanks to THUNDERBOLT for his great work again. :2thumbs:  !

Also a thank for Cyberia and the map testers for supporting the mapping server! ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf February 07, 2020  Comments [7]

New/Updated maps on Main(and other) dU.servers

New/Updated  maps on Main/Challange/Crazy servers


Thanks to Demona

Greets and a happy new year

Blackwolf ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf January 02, 2020  Comments [8]

 NEW SEVER IP FOR ALL dU server !! [01.01.2019]

dU has a again a hoster change because our old server is getting buggy and the hoster don't sell servers since years. We where one of the last ones. This means  we get a new server IP and connection ports for the dU servers.
All new dU servers are up and running now: #### destination MonsterHunt [Main] #### #### destination MonsterHunt [Crazy - NaliWeaponsIII] #### #### destination MonsterHunt [Crazy - NaliWeaponsII] #### #### destination MonsterHunt [Challenge]
 ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf December 29, 2018  Comments [34]


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