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Hello Guest

Welcome to the website of destination Unreal. We are not a clan, simply a community where everyone can participate.
destination Unreal now exists since December 2007. For that time we play games that have anything to do with Unreal Tournament.
Our main focus is on fighting monsters.
We offer the community a number of UT99 (MonsterHunt, MonsterAttack, Coop) and UT3 (GaltanorsInvasion) game servers.

Some reasons to register here:
  • access to 2304 map downloads.
  • unrestricted access to the Monster Hunt Statistics.
  • live chat on the home page.
  • forum write access.
  • access to private dU servers.
  • a special server to get maps in development tested.
  • or just to participate in the community ..

Registration is free. We look forward to each new player.

Curious about it? Click here to register

destination Unreal Server overview

Today played destination Unreal Server maps
Game in progress...MH-ATAA2-(Obnoxious)Fixed+ download: 10:29:25838,11457------00:28:18
Game in progress...

Crazy NW III

MH-(_@_)_French_Village_V1 download: 10:48:422252,99836------00:09:01

Crazy NW III

MH-FairyValleyVFinaldownload: MH-FairyValleyVFinal10:45:095 184,368100 00:22:15
167180MH-SevenTests{MHM}++V2download: MH-SevenTests{MHM}++V210:26:198 115,242530 00:35:19

Crazy NW III

MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix4download: MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix410:22:504 588,9257060 00:37:16
167178MH-Miamdownload: MH-Miam09:52:394 11,8775120 00:21:14

Crazy NW III

MH-MA1-TheLongWay-HD-v4download: MH-MA1-TheLongWay-HD-v409:46:394 1,468,97030 00:15:43
167175MH-Tarnisheddownload: MH-Tarnished09:30:562 125,88930 00:25:59

Crazy NW III

MH-Hebereke_double_Ddownload: MH-Hebereke_double_D09:30:234 175,7551270 00:31:43
167174MH-MonstersOfTheCaribbean(TB)+FIXdownload: MH-MonstersOfTheCaribbean(THUNDERBOLT)+FIX09:05:099 328,429110 00:43:38

Crazy NW III

MH-RistvakBaen+fix2download: MH-RistvakBaen+fix208:58:133 508,601450 00:14:36

Crazy NW III

MH-CloseEncounter][download: MH-CloseEncounter][08:42:202 63,94920 00:14:00

Crazy NW III

MH-BirdBrainedResearch+download: MH-BirdBrainedResearch+08:26:093 145,7863200 00:59:34
167170MH-jikyu-800en+download: MH-jikyu-800en+08:23:157 186,63711250 00:34:45
167169MH-WarshipSuperNovadownload: MH-WarshipSuperNova07:49:194 17,0882310 00:38:38

Crazy NW III

MH-Facedownload: MH-Face07:29:293 191,1411420 00:12:56

Crazy NW III

MH-CrystalMine2-2011download: MH-CrystalMine2-201107:15:393 84,425220 00:16:00
167166MH-Armed_Assault_Fix(C)download: MH-Armed_Assault_Fix(C)07:11:454 77,3948160 00:33:01

Crazy NW III

MH-Boxes-Remade][download: MH-Boxes-Remade][06:58:442 127,805500 00:37:38
167164MH-Pupaedownload: MH-Pupae06:39:222 7,44627250 01:07:13

Crazy NW III

MH-(_@_)_Valley_of_dead_PB6download: MH-(_@_)_Valley_of_dead_PB605:59:562 553,401530 00:36:12
167162MH-UM-BlueTowndownload: MH-UM-BlueTown03:50:202 132,508230 00:06:01
167161MH-TempleOfTheGods+Fix+2download: MH-TempleOfTheGods+Fix+203:00:416 346,2323100 00:19:01
167159MH-SkyWarsV2download: MH-SkyWarsV202:40:599 111,2081865 00:30:20
167160MH-IndianaJonesdownload: MH-IndianaJones02:40:001 4,351860 00:26:46
167158MH-Annihilation-V240download: MH-Annihilation-V24002:13:021 73,92410 00:40:21
167157(dU)Revotedownload: (dU)Revote02:12:166 1,053,913141 00:06:15
167156MH-AfterDark[final]download: MH-AfterDark[final]01:39:023 261,97960 00:31:43
167155MH-FAZI(V2)+download: MH-FAZI(V2)+01:09:023 304,54720 00:06:02
167154MH-SkyBlueFound+download: MH-SkyBlueFound+01:01:352 154,07914940 00:13:22
167153MH-Slimedownload: MH-Slime00:47:532 10,718100 00:15:44

Crazy NW III

MH-SkyBlueFound_2download: MH-SkyBlueFound_200:42:443 304,34490 00:19:04
167151MH-CrystalMine4-Trancedownload: MH-CrystalMine4-Trance00:31:5112 209,802760 00:38:46

Crazy NW III

MH-SkyWarsV2download: MH-SkyWarsV200:24:192 508,61510 00:26:16
Got Teamscore       0 Monster Left
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MH-FairyValleyVFinal now on Mapping Server

THUNDERBOLT has released his new map for Testing "MH-FairyValleyBeta".
It's a very wide open map, with many new Monsters. First outlook was beautiful.

[Update 14-05-2016 12:24]:
MH-FairyValleyVFinal now avaible
Version with songs and no M16

[Update 03-05-2016 19:48]:
MH-FairyValleyBeta2 now avaible
Map Updated now with music

But be warned:
- map is extrem ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf May 03, 2016  Comments [10]

destination Unreal Video collection

You find now a dU compilation from YouTube Videos which contains dU Stuff.
Some from dU players, others are made only for fun. Its a large collection.

You can see them now all together with (I think) a good interface.
If you find some others, please post the YouTube tink at "dU Videos". There is a button for that!

Link for the dU Videos is at the left ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf April 30, 2016  Comments [3]

MH-AfterDark: 2 - As Preview on on Mapping Server

AfterDark2-NonMonsterPreview is now for interestet player on Mapping server!  Twisted Evil

 ... [Read more]

Posted by BlackWolf April 29, 2016  Comments [4]


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