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Server Shortcuts

These are the shortcut commands which can be used on all destination Unreal Servers.

Simple wrote it at the chatbox.  Like "Say  !main" to switch to the dU main server.


Short command Long Command Description Info
!v !vote Opens MapVote window  
!o !open Opens Nexgen window  
!s spec Enter spectator mode  
!p !play Leave Specator mode and play  
!l !start Start game  
!quit !exit Exit UT  
!bye !leave Disconnect from Server  
!m !main Switch to Main Server  
!p !privat Switch to Privat Server  
!map !mapping Switch to Mapping Server  
!bt !bt Switch to BunnyTrack Server  
!c !crazy Switch to Crazy Server  
!a !attack Switch to MonsterAttack Server  
!ch !challenge Switch to Challenge Server  
!chs !challengesmall Switch to Challenge Small Server  
!ts !teamspeak Enter TeamSpeak3 Server in the right server channel TeamSpeak3 client  has to be installed first
!f !forum Enter destination Unreal Forum  
!stats !statistics Enter destination Unreal MH Stats  
!irc !irc Enter destination Unreal IRC Main Channel  
!r !red Switch to red team (does not work on Monsterhunt servers)
!b !blue Switch to blue team (does not work on Monsterhunt servers)
!g !green Switch to green team (does not work on Monsterhunt servers)
!y !yellow / !gold Switch to yellow/gold team (does not work on Monsterhunt servers)
!t !team Balance Teams (does not work on Monsterhunt servers)

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Published on: 2011-11-16 (4630 reads)

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