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Suz-Lack of moderation, favoritism and bias, poor admin work

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:06 am
PostPost subject:Note Suz-Lack of moderation, favoritism and bias, poor admin work
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Hello everyone once again,
I am sorry that this is what brings me to having to make a new thread, but I feel it is necessary to bring it to everyone's attention.

Hereby I am writing this as a formal complaint of improper administration and fulfilling of admin duties by Suz, and I will explain it with the following:
During my play on the server at times I don't usually play in (the morning of 2018-03-25), over the course of two long maps (MH-LostInTimeV3 and then
MH-Retarded-EM) I was greeted by many players I don't usually play with (as again this is not my usual playing time), and during those long maps I have
been harassed by players and had a redeemer rocket shot down, and those actions were not addressed in almost any way by Suz, while a later minor
"offence" by me brought heavy and repeated warnings against me and the forced display of the server rules.

It began with a player named JohnnyRainbow shooting down my rocket on the first map, this was directly addressed by me and caused a short
interaction, it was done as a sabotage and the distraction has actually got me killed.
Suz was present, neither action nor a comment resulted, she was chatting with other players at the time, so she definitely has seen what transpired.
During the following map, I was repeatedly harassed and shot by a player named Bang, this included abusive verbal remarks, as well as repeated team
shooting, upon which eventually (after many minutes) Suz has asked the player to stop the team shooting only, the player then has been doing it less
but the behavior didn't stop, the verbal abuse continued.
Towards the end of the map, there is a relatively hard Warlord boss that shoots redeemer rockets, and at one point towards the end of the fight a player
has been piloting a redeemer in the fighting area, which I have eventually shot down, and my justification (as was clarified to Suz later) was that this
was distracting with the other deadly rockets (from the warlord) flying around, and that this has not been done in order to sabotage, also to note the player
didn't' seem to be aiming it at the warlord, but just flying the rocket around. I have apologized after shooting it down as well.
Now, this was all fine up until this point, but Suz has then decided to repeatedly state to me that I shouldn't be shooting down the rockets
(repeated about 4 times), and upon inquiring about why she chose not to intervene when my rockets are being shot down, she claimed she didn't notice
(once again the consequence of that event brought a kick vote from me against the offending player and a verbal response from them),
she still claims she didn't notice.

Either way, I really try to avoid conflict, most of whoever plays regularly with me would know that I am not engaging in conflict with random players,
I WILL do so only as a retaliation.

A thing to note is, that I have to point that there have been lengthy past interactions between me and Suz, both in the game and outside it through a
messaging app, which would be a preface for this bias. Those interactions have stopped long ago.
This has been the first encounter of mine with her in quite a few months, and in this same playing session there was a confrontation.
From what I can see, she doesn't like me, and that is absolutely fine with me Smile, but as an admin who is in charge of the order on the server,
she should fulfill her duties and apply moderation to all players equally.
From previous posts on this forum, we can see that she has been involved in taking questionable actions before, thus I have to raise the question
if she is still fit for this duty.
Most of what I see her do is interacting with her friends, and letting some of them break rules seems to be a norm for her, while whoever she dislikes
would be watched with hawkish eyes and confronted heavily for the smallest violation, which constitutes to BIAS and ABUSE OF POWER.
For the record, I have had no problem in interactions with other admins in the past, and by that I have to ask,
where are they, and why isn't there more of them present??
There has been some abuse going on the crazy server as well, with players (namely some_fun and PITBULL) repeatedly killing other players
with the gravitation gun, and when confronted using their language (as their English is either nonexistant or extremely poor) I've received verbal
abuse and threats.
Such abusive players are free to play while I, as a community member and a regular player have to receive warnings. I do not find this fair.

To sum this up, I only post this here to be taken note of by other admins and staff, and wish to have no further interaction with Suz.
While I am certainly no "angel" as a player (a crow is nowhere to be compared to an angel, lol), I believe that I do not cause other players a bad
experience on the server.

Feel free to comment and have your input, although I'm sure that a few of her friends will be quick to jump on board and spill any dirt they can
think of about me here :)

For reference, here are the links to the two maps, even though this is of little use, since chat logs are broken. (HINT: Can we do something about it??):
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Please login to see this link
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:06 pm
PostPost subject:No icon Re: Suz-Lack of moderation, favoritism and bias, poor admin
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So, you come here to complain about my "lack of proper moderation" yet you've been warned before to keep your private talking private, still, you go around saying things that everyone is aware are innuendos and even expressed surprise that you still go on with that sort of thing in public, and my presence there didn't stop you from getting "down and dirty".

Don't assume or presume to know what I see or do not see when I'm in game. I don't have to justify myself to you or any other player regarding how I patrol the servers, but for the sake of this discussion I'll say this: I was having a really bad connection, red boxing every 5 minutes so I could barely play let alone pay attention to what anyone else was doing, trying to solve my issue which resulted in me barely playing ANY of the maps that were voted for.

I was in spec on the Retard map, when I saw you purposefully follow the line of flight of the redeemer used by another player, shoot at it and then sarcastically "apologize".
After that I simply told you to not destroy redeemers and you came at me with your usual discourse of the "guy being picked on".

Please, don't victimize yourself any longer. You were warned fair and square for this simple thing.

And to avoid further intake on this "incident" promoting drama, this topic will be locked.
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