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zp| #### |bah| Sniper MooCow |SniperArena-Xloc| bah-clan.com #### [CSHP]

Kitchen Chaos
Connection Port: 3456
Query Port: 3457
Next Refresh in: sec.
Game: ut
Map: DM-KitchenChaos
Players: 0 / 16
Setting Value
Adminemail: blackwolf@bah-clan.c​om​
Adminname: |bah|BlackWolf
Announcerlevel: 2
Balanceteams: True
Bcheckdefaults: True
Benhancedmessages: True
Benhancedsprees: True
Blogmods: True
Blueteamname: Blue Team
Botskill: Average
Bshowips: False
Changelevels: True
Demorequest: False
Friendlyfire: 0%
Gamemode: openplaying
Gamename: ut
Gamestyle: Hardcore
Gametype: EUTTeamGamePlus
Gamever: 451
Goalteamscore: 150
Hitsounds: True
Hostport: 3456
Listenserver: False
Location: 0
Mapname: DM-KitchenChaos
Maptitle: Kitchen Chaos
Maxplayers: 16
Maxteams: 2
Minnetver: 432
Minplayers: 4
Mutators: Revenge
Who Pushed Me?
No damage amplifier and invisibility
Numplayers: 0
Password: False
Playersbalanceteams: True
Redteamname: Red Team
Timelimit: 15
Tournament: False
Wantworldlog: false
Worldlog: false
  4   MH-Crazy (NW3)MH-(_@_)_V
  2   MonsterHunt MainMH-(dU)Com
  0   MH-Crazy2 (NW2)MH-FairyVa
  0   ChallangeMH-Deep(v2
  0   ChallangesmallMH-GlassCo
  0   MH-PrivatedU-Revote
  0   MH-MappingMH-CaveAnc
  0   MonsterAttackTMH-Starga
  0   dU.CoopNP02DavidM
  0   BunnyTrackCTF-BT+(Ro
  0   |bah| SniperDM-Kitchen
  0   ut2004ONS-Dawn[E

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