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Monsterattack - tallyho!
How to play

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:: read me! ::

If you're new to tallyho!, you can get started on this page here!

Find out what tallyho! is all about and Learn the basics of tallyho! hunting. It's all here in the readme!

:: intro ::
what is oWo.tallyho?

hunt prey. shoot prey. stay alive.

Ever wish that you could duke it out with the monsters from Unreal 1? Ever wish that you could make killing monsters a REAL part of the game instead of just "Ooo, look, CTF with monsters"?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Tallyho! is a mod that turns deathmatch, domination, or CTF into a frenzied arcade-style hunting contest. Tallyho! changes the focus of the game; the primary objective, the way to win, and the only way to heal yourself, is to shoot and kill Unreal I creatures and bots, instead of killing other players or capturing a flag or control point.

The action gets intense and scores can reach into the thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) as you, or your team, frantically gather weapons, ammo and powerups and then try to bag the biggest... the most dangerous... or just the most... prey on the map, before other hunters get to 'em first.

And there's no breaks in the action or cruising to victory either! Why? Well, When one minute is left in the game, all the score values DOUBLE! No lead is safe in tallyho!; you have to stay sharp till the final bell!

Also, 'accidents' do happen and a hunter might just end up killing another hunter. IT'S ALL PART OF THE GAME. And remember, if you choose to be a 'llama'*, a llama is EXACTLY what you will be!

Read on to get a headstart and learn how to install and play tallyho! like a champ.



:: quickstart ::
start a game now

  1. Once you have TallyHo! installed on your system, fire up UT.
  2. Set up a Practice Session with these parameters:
    • Gametype = Team Deathmatch
    • Teams = 3
    • Map = DM-Deck16][
    • Bots = 8 , GodLike, Random
    • Frag Limit = 0  < THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
      Don't leave the frag limit at the default (30), or the game will end as soon as someone kills one monster!!!!!
    • Time Limit = 6 minutes
    • Allow Translocator = YES
    • Game Mode = Classic,  Speed = 100%
  3. Don't forget to add the TallyHo! Mutator !!!!!
  4. Try adding the InstaGib Mutator too, if you're feeling up to it.
  5. Start the game.

Once the game starts, you will now be in an outrageous hunting contest with 3 teams vying to rack up the most points before the time limit expires.

Here's a quick lesson on how to play:

  1. Run around the level as fast as you can. find a Flak Cannon, Pulse Gun, or more bullets.
  2. Find a monster to shoot and pump it full of lead. Watch your score and health go through the roof. Repeat.
  3. Don't get hurt or die!!!! You'll lose lots of points.
  4. Don't kill the other hunters too many times, or you'll become a legal target!

If you want an in-depth tutorial, keep reading.


:: tutorial ::
a tallyho! tutorial

All right, so I bet you've tried to play tallyho! and now you're wondering what the heck is going on with all those icons and circles and dots and numbers and stuff. Well, I'll tell ya!

The basics of playing tallyho! are deceptively simple, just like tallyho!'s motto: hunt prey. shoot prey. stay alive.

1. Hunt Prey.

Your first goal is to find Unreal I monsters, Unreal I bots, or Lamers to shoot.

First, you need to run around the level looking for things to shoot (prey) and stuff to shoot them with (weapons, ammo, powerups). The "Prey" are Unreal I monsters, or Unreal I bots, or lamers who shoot other players instead of the Unreal I monsters/bots.

{ motion detector blips }How do you find prey? In tallyho! that's easy. You have a 'motion tracker' that overlays your HUD. the little BLIPS are like radar that show you the direction to each prey that you can't see because it's either too far or behind walls. The numbers tell you the range from you to it. Then all you have to do is move toward the blip until you can actually see your prey. If you can't see any prey from where you're standing, all you have to do is look around, and your motion tracker will tell you where the booty is.

2. Shoot Prey.

Your second goal is to shoot PREY so you can score and win!

This is the only way you can score frags; It's also the only way to heal yourself.   Shooting prey earns you frags based on how much damage you do. The harder you hit prey, the more frags you'll earn. You'll also get bonus points if you manage to get in the kill shot. Whoever has the most frags at the end is the winner. Shooting prey also increases your health, based on how OFTEN you hit your target, NOT how much damage you do. A low-damage rapid-fire weapon heals you MUCH better than a big-damage slow-firing weapon. Shooting other hunters is allowed, but you don't get any frags or health for killing them, AND, if you kill too many hunters, YOU'LL become prey!

{ the reticle and the fragwheel }So how can you tell if you're shooting the right thing? When you can actually see a prey in front of you, it will be framed by a RETICLE in your HUD, just like in the picture here. If it's close enough for you to earn a kill bonus, you'll also see those white BONUS INDICATORS around the reticle. If you see that reticle, don't hesitate; FIRE!

the frag wheelWhen you actually hurt prey, the frags you earn will be displayed in a circle around your crosshair, called the FRAGWHEEL. It makes a distinctive sound as well. You can see the fragwheel in purple in this shot. The bigger the numbers are, the more frags you are scoring; the faster you make the wheel go around, the faster you are healing. Pretty cool huh?

3. Stay Alive.

Your third goal is to avoid pain and death so you can keep your score high.

REAL hunters aren't supposed to get hurt or die! Since when is it normal for a bunch of people to go on a turkey shoot and get waxed by the turkeys!? If you hurt yourself, or a prey hurts you, you'll LOSE frags based on the damage. If you are unskilled or unlucky enough to DIE, you LOSE A LOT of frags, to the tune of 25% of your total score, or a flat 25 frags, whichever is higher. And YES, your score can become (way) less than zero if you don't watch out.  If your score is below zero, that's bad, because you won't be able hurt other hunters, and thus, you won't be able to defend yourself against your evil murderous hunter friends.

frag loss in the frag wheelIf you get hurt and lose frags, the fragwheel will show the damage in an alternate color. There's also a sound alerting you to the fact that you're taking damage, and that you should move or something. Smile

death messageIf you die, a message will appear telling you how many additional frags you lose by dying. If your score when you die is less than 100, the number will always be (-25).


There's much more to tallyho! than that. Let me take you through it all:

The Redeemer

pants?Hunters are Redeemer-proof, healthwise. No hunter can die from a redeemer blast. As a Hunter, you can't be physically hurt by redeemers, even if you're hit in the face. However, the damage still counts in your fragwheel, so if that happens, you're gonna lose LOTS of frags, believe me (check out the '-66' in the fragwheel in this shot)


Nothing in a tallyho! game can die by being telefragged (sorry, no cheapo kills using the translocator). If you telefrag anything, by accident or on purpose, you will be catapulted into the air and you'll lose your translocator, if you have one.

Your Status,  and Lamers and Fouls

The 'happy face' shows you your game status in a silly but useful way; If it's laughing, you're winning, if it's angry, you're in last place, if it's scared, run; you're a llama! Whats a llama? Keep reading.

statusIn the upper left corner of your screen you will see a tallyho tip ticker (for newbies), and your status info, which consists of an indicator showing the highest score you've attained for this round, and the number of FOULS you have.

a llama! kill it!You get fouls for killing other hunters. If you kill another hunter, you'll lose all of your ammo and any powerups you had, and 1 is added to your foul total. 

If you reach the max, you'll become a LLAMA, which means that you are no longer a hunter, you are now prey! As a 'LLAMA', hunters can legally hunt YOU for 10 times the normal points. Once you're killed by a hunter, you'll respawn as a hunter again, but any more fouls and it's right back to Llama land!

By the way, you should know that even if you die as a Llama, you stay as a Llama forever, until you're killed by a hunter properly. 

You should also know that Llamas are not redeemer-proof!

Hunter Indicators

There are reticles around prey, but there are also little icons for hunters in you HUD that tell you interesting things about the other hunters that you meet.

You'll see a happy face above the hunter or team that's in first place.

You'll see a sad face and the word 'HARMLESS' above hunters who can't hurt you because their score is below zero.

You'll see a NO icon above all hunters if YOUR score is below ZERO.

You'll see a heart icon above your teammates in a team game.




Copyright © by destination Unreal All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2010-07-30 (4493 reads)

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