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Player Ranks
RankPlayerMapsPlayedMHTDeathsSuicidesTKsDistance Time SpendTrendMHT
1 karkass19,5632,147,483,64711,7467743660,900km   310days 20h 26m 51s4395020
2 ady.ro5,1892,147,483,6475,407221317,396km   83days 23h 05m 36s1167886
3 MISTER-DANGEROUS16,3402,147,483,64714,1016453665,242km   232days 22h 28m 18s4188314
4 Emperor_Warrior4,0322,147,483,6471,660403611,515km   59days 04h 36m 56s867835
5 drDeo5,0452,147,483,6474,188154016,499km   68days 16h 08m 18s1114383
6 okorochok7,3922,147,483,64723,8544,62713516,127km   72days 00h 23m 46s626405
7 Yok_Yok5,5732,086,549,1057,8541,74424319,752km   74days 02h 55m 08s1196366
8 just4moo21,9971,966,751,26854,2916,30889157,294km   242days 23h 32m 14s2874403
9 VLAD10,2371,326,335,65716,3274223036,759km   160days 03h 18m 51s2232811
10 Djidja-Midja2,0261,184,320,4797,5545,063010,184km   45days 09h 44m 58s492842
11 Sunny3,5671,113,819,9497,0381,0513212,254km   43days 12h 07m 09s682725
12 Unai12,1431,103,255,84221,9391,91943934,777km   113days 18h 24m 04s1938906
13 EEE_PC*12,1511,100,746,01235,33011749742,146km   157days 14h 00m 26s2008319
14 GrandMasterChampion8,5211,028,050,06916,3091,38114722,721km   108days 12h 46m 03s1325954
15 ANTOMANYAK5,003921,036,4918,24749012515,311km   52days 18h 14m 01s888639
16 FAZI7,035846,826,20513,95074516615,026km   66days 08h 14m 20s835467
17 DoDo6,439729,878,92215,19896814219,653km   82days 14h 15m 58s1039810
18 -GOZZiLLA-5,197719,216,95911,64373615614,502km   64days 09h 12m 03s782355
19 Rubber-Puma3,673716,773,8525,6622913712,828km   47days 09h 18m 26s767073
20 YYY3,234626,444,8755,6081,93010212,403km   44days 06h 29m 52s714763
21 H:A:A:R:P2,014624,748,3825,22141258,812km   33days 13h 03m 30s463937
22 dU.Commander_ITA8,609623,645,56718,46829429427,077km   126days 10h 00m 27s1518968
23 Hypernormal6,004622,568,65210,82325526725,196km   100days 13h 34m 37s1463332
24 General2,962608,178,9811,7213709,080km   45days 06h 26m 21s655612
25 jej647,443592,999,08112,5282115613,572km   66days 20h 16m 50s827513
26 MORGANA3,161545,017,0016,474957369,942km   45days 11h 41m 56s568292
27 _USX_1,634503,914,3193,3311,50205,458km   25days 01h 06m 00s314770
28 HROM2,293491,877,3165,9849809,970km   35days 17h 25m 02s519378
29 -=]ROFL[=-1,911479,417,1841,19015316,142km   22days 12h 28m 29s420945
30 XCAT2,941474,418,6333,415291308,266km   32days 19h 41m 41s535178
31 XevBellringer5,846445,797,0919,7122620118,350km   72days 17h 13m 31s1082894
32 tgR4,644435,808,3908,22918713612,040km   49days 20h 39m 44s700198
33 Piro3,830408,308,9138,1007415115,283km   60days 20h 12m 22s851126
34 Perfect_debil2,068408,140,3213,8913207,612km   28days 22h 08m 47s436706
35 Marian9,440404,226,19922,54212532128,258km   141days 07h 48m 50s1531752
36 Apoc3,097393,452,2597,00834719411,262km   41days 08h 38m 14s597258
37 First_Moo2,497382,388,31110,0004,288108,386km   29days 16h 21m 50s314901
38 _NX_1,286375,497,9991,4644053,309km   12days 03h 16m 03s214698
39 tr0y3,358371,742,1755,97816811313,014km   51days 23h 21m 01s758354
40 Smokin_Beaver3,668368,729,42411,9071,38910512,668km   43days 06h 43m 25s558207
41 ^jasiu.^1,572367,729,2641,77220522,902km   13days 18h 19m 37s203477
42 Jetlagg6,629367,695,92520,0654,83972120,644km   100days 01h 59m 20s965826
43 Nano4,510364,143,8029,1051,56132113,172km   48days 11h 42m 43s711261
44 Navy_Seal3,676356,147,5753,4933221389,524km   36days 13h 26m 53s636050
45 Wehr2,335321,684,5955,220281577,052km   29days 21h 54m 53s376683
46 Pizzacutter5,865320,605,58215,21621226023,907km   89days 21h 47m 44s1234896
47 Rott4,592319,345,4835,14149638,849km   37days 17h 44m 44s605263
48 FAZI4,668316,372,73712,0434162639,999km   48days 06h 14m 38s474730
49 Golborot1,335312,322,158832924,149km   16days 11h 45m 48s288709
50 KRAKEN4,186309,593,00117,90225510017,195km   61days 03h 53m 52s673770
51 Crow6,765309,183,55423,24257631823,370km   89days 20h 31m 50s1009263
52 BigMomooX1,464308,468,5474,108526835,133km   19days 15h 25m 26s249593
53 UltraMagnetic7,210299,514,01017,94227224121,880km   95days 01h 41m 36s1132346
54 {CoF}annabella4,187298,006,19113,52240721912,856km   61days 10h 26m 09s582985
55 dfsg.cl991296,421,5801,985155423,908km   14days 22h 49m 19s219167
56 (CZ)Pol2,822294,308,4617,2401011110,728km   40days 14h 22m 43s552187
57 KARLITA1,442284,256,5194,24893354,871km   22days 20h 51m 23s241331
58 MIKI6,060279,901,60514,6933721518,792km   89days 23h 47m 46s1007056
59 matz`4,860275,695,43621,4289,00857016,786km   62days 07h 47m 07s560522
60 kuba626273,877,3992,22125133,031km   09days 20h 22m 16s139188
61 C`est.La.Vie1,402265,797,7711,5957054,630km   17days 12h 37m 21s295544
62 piccolo*san279264,062,0709601151,795km   06days 06h 38m 22s89710
63 Fitz1,305259,420,6132,8871,82184,879km   18days 23h 23m 26s267739
64 Vendetta.2,516259,012,9255,4083206,201km   21days 04h 03m 10s324436
65 Gurke1,131249,105,0523,598695173,514km   12days 09h 29m 21s153185
66 theMuffinMen3,717248,472,7875,1716416913,781km   46days 04h 19m 08s822171
67 NW_Telecow1,940246,964,7053,26413035,215km   19days 18h 23m 44s307110
68 Neto5,944243,579,43010,27419411416,567km   77days 02h 45m 26s996686
69 BlackRat909242,123,5262,199476183,018km   13days 10h 20m 13s161729
70 jej642,985241,720,0446,5878955,838km   28days 06h 45m 09s306677
71 ATLAS1,701239,130,7843,99929165,927km   20days 17h 30m 22s310394
72 Penetrator1,661237,358,8361,4622034,277km   14days 08h 06m 45s287296
73 Piro1,630231,650,8323,849141306,969km   29days 13h 08m 15s378877
74 Graf[_X_]961229,657,7631,54814103,663km   13days 12h 49m 16s217231
75 Karlthegreat3,436228,452,5276,8744816511,694km   40days 22h 09m 10s640251
76 Mike2,388227,622,9264,64213955,049km   25days 23h 23m 23s290173
77 NERCHIAMEN1,969222,901,4894,8882235,251km   15days 18h 50m 35s252098
78 BubblegumBang4,518218,250,7023,980110588,975km   42days 01h 28m 01s653316
79 MILO3,035217,401,6726,2104117611,116km   41days 15h 41m 36s612397
80 easylee1,784211,120,2504,32988638,684km   33days 14h 33m 11s471035
81 tiger2,654208,209,4106,2164008,618km   35days 12h 20m 45s462346
82 Deadly_Lady`1,867205,492,2542,987846205,677km   22days 01h 43m 39s339585
83 jess641,808204,997,4062,8142353,344km   18days 15h 13m 08s216148
84 GrandMasterMoOster1,246202,257,5226,1584,21423,429km   13days 09h 52m 09s81101
85 _NX_1,849196,330,4243,94923625,924km   22days 02h 02m 31s320081
86 dU.Suz3,844195,997,3397,23483012911,224km   53days 09h 16m 49s658046
87 ]-[onk$ter1,176195,441,5741,7701193,717km   13days 07h 38m 08s223051
88 FAZI1325,655,427639113732km   03days 01h 41m 56s24821
88 FAZI2,438194,857,4644,56464765,958km   25days 12h 01m 21s340285
89 player42,612194,602,7551,44968386,552km   26days 00h 47m 15s475295
90 Kryxix4,090193,025,2564,742239712,397km   49days 22h 11m 09s797057
91 StreamPunk71846192,848,0222,89527112,532km   09days 08h 02m 45s103917
92 SIMENTIY901192,224,3171,2412102,999km   10days 04h 17m 57s182178
93 (CZ)Pol2,226191,306,6777,03414998,034km   31days 19h 32m 39s373393
94 -=DZ=-Omar_Jhon1,422187,330,0183,54110284,323km   16days 19h 21m 01s219947
95 Player3999186,616,5341,17013793,659km   14days 03h 51m 38s231341
96 Sergey2,011186,290,7791,274904,395km   15days 16h 40m 10s319735
97 Player4925182,947,0752,7791,788393,788km   16days 20h 08m 55s190734
98 SilenceOfTheSkaarj1,194180,302,8842,418614413,268km   12days 14h 11m 45s178746
99 EEE_PC_901*1,605178,808,3114,33724495,719km   22days 23h 12m 08s288755

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